Cats Wreak Havoc Before Human Comes Home

Cats Wreak Havoc Before Human Comes Home

So the human came home to a mess created by Virgil (left) and Boris. I had picked up a new bag of kitten chow that Whiskey loves to have for breakfast, and I put it in a kitchen cupboard to store until the other one ran out. Boris is the only one who can open...

World Spay Day

Happy World Spay Day or, as Whiskey, Boris and Virgil refer to it, Bye, Bye Balls Day.Tough boys without ballsWorld Spay Day is observed the last Tuesday in February as part of the annual campaign of the HSUS, Humane Society International and the Humane Society...

The Tale of Whiskey, Boris and their Human

Whiskey Boris and I were recently interviewed for a blog written by the amazing Ashley Schwellenback, who is set to publish her third fiction novel, and, better yet, has two cats she adores. Her personal blog is Jane Eyre Likes Cupcakes