So the human came home to a mess created by Virgil (left) and Boris. I had picked up a new bag of kitten chow that Whiskey loves to have for breakfast, and I put it in a kitchen cupboard to store until the other one ran out. 
Boris is the only one who can open that cupboard and he is notorious for breaking into food bags when three bowls are full in the house. Kibble was everywhere. Even Whiskey was in the kitchen gobbling it up.  
Next to that is the cupboard that is under the kitchen sink, Virgil is small enough to get past the slightly worn child locks. There was a yam, a plastic bag, a can of corn and two sponges on the floor. They must have been planning quite the meal, and, I’m sure, had good intentions to clean up or rather destroy the evidence.
As you can see Boris will break into a bag of cat food within in minutes if it is stored in a plastic bucket upon coming home from the store. When he first came home as a kitten, I walked into the room and noticed a bag of cat food had been dragged about four feet over to the food bowl. I assumed it was Whiskey because Boris was only 10 weeks old. I was wrong, it was Boris.
Boris has destroyed so many things in his short life; I hope Virgil is not going to follow in his footsteps. Whiskey doesn’t break anything except skin with his claws and teeth. 
What is the most expensive thing your cat has broken? 
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