I’m sure you had all planned ahead and were prepared for International Cat Day today. I was up most of the night making catnip salad and bribing mice to dress in period costumes to go with the Cats of the Roundtable theme I came up with at the last minute because Whiskey, Boris and Virgil were pissed about the Frozen party supplies I picked up and weren’t about to “Let It Go.”

After they popped the bounce house, we played a rousing game of stick, or as Whiskey calls it Death. Whereas Boris tries to be friends with everything from his treats to lettuce leaves, Whiskey believes in a quick, yet painful, destruction. Little Virgil thinks everything should live on the human’s bed, so I slept on a bed of sticks, mostly twigs.

High-five to the 500 million cats worldwide. Keep your tails up. Be sure to stretch with your backside in front of people while they are eating at dinner parties; it dampens the appetite, so there are more leftovers for you. Pounce on your humans when they are having sex, clean your genitals during the sad part of a movie and always use the indoor litter box during a wake, but you guys already knew that, how else did you become the world’s favorite pet? 
Every Color Deserves A Forever Home
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