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Virgil wanted to do a PSA for everyone. He is hoping this will be the new poster that replaces the boring sign in all restrooms telling employees to wash their hands. Somehow that picture of hands under a faucet instills a sense of security in us.

“Well the sign says that have to wash their hands, so they must. Let’s eat?”

“I noticed that there is no sign in your establishment ordering people to wash their hands, I can no longer support you business.”


People will not be able to resist washing their hands with cute little Virgil reminding them to. It is a win-win. The human will call the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and get the ball rolling on these posters. Call your local department and demand The Virgil be a required to hang in all businesses.

Speaking of restrooms, can you imagine how long the lines in the women’s bathrooms are going to be now that people are hyper aware of cleanliness. Those little paper seat covers are going to be in high demand too.

In his efforts, Boris buried his litter box gifts so long last night, he must be secretly creating an underground transportation system.

Whiskey is his typical self and continues to try to hoard food off my plate. He doesn’t care what it is, but every bite there is a paw following the fork to the human’s mouth. Out of frustration, I offered him a bite of what I was having. As I told him would be the case, he doesn’t like balsamic glazed vegetables. I don’t know what I win, but the knowledge that I am smarter than the cat is a source of joy.

These days you take happy and wave it around like a kite in a windstorm. What made you happy today?


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