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Another NUN Gone, Another NUN Gone, Another NUN Bites the Dust 
It is believed a nun was pushed to her death from the fourth story of Bookcase Manor—a home for religious icons. Investigators say Sister Mary, a close friend of Mother Theresa, was found facedown on the ground last night at 1 a.m. 

Detective Agatha Mary Catherine O’Sullivan, with the Criminal Activity Team (CAT), said she is awaiting the results of an autopsy, that is to be performed on Friday, in hopes that it will reveal more about how the nun died. 
There have been numerous reports of members of the religious community living in peril due to a dark force neighbors refer to as Boris.
Boris has been seen lurking around Bookcase Manor on several occasions. Reportedly there is an underground cat treat ring operating illegally on the fifth story of the building. 
It is believed that Boris once had a close relationship with a lady of the cloth, but she turned her back on him when his troublemaking ways became more than even her Bible could provide answers for.

Police ask that citizens be on the lookout for Boris who is described as black, with short hair, yellow eyes and bad breath. 
Authorities caution that he is likely clawed and dangerous.
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