Virgil playing racquet “bulb”

What is more fun than a kitten during Christmas? Perhaps bamboo shoved under your fingernails. This is Virgil’s first holiday where there is a giant natural toy with a bunch of little store bought toys hanging from it.

Plug is supposed to be behind the tree

The cat could not be happier with this new toy. He as been under it, inside it, and on it attempting to take down everything in his sight.

Planing how to get to the top

The human has to redecorate the tree at least two times a day. In the video at the bottom, you can see that most of the lower half of the tree is bare, so the industrious little one decided to stand on a box to get higher up.

All the human can say, is thank God for sturdy tree stands. As of today, there were only 10 ornament casualties.

Of course there are stray bulbs in almost every room of the house, and I will probably be finding them for months to come.

At one point the little guy was playing in the lights and took off running with them wrapped around him, which resulted in the lights coming unplugged. The human gasped as the tree leaned dangerously close to toppling over, but Virgil escaped the tangle of wires in the nick of time.

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have a few bulbs leftover for next year. This human is hitting up the after Christmas sales in hopes of finding some cheap replacements.

Just for fun, the tree is going to be up for at least a week more. Honestly, it has been a blast–except the glass clean up.  To be clear, Boris has taken a few bulbs down as well, but he waits until the human is all comfy on the couch to do so. He says he is helping me get my steps by making me get up and down 30 times. Whiskey just likes to drink sap water. Whiskey is my spirit animal.

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