A black cat with a lunchbox with a black cat on it


Often times we hear the praises sung of wealthy men cats, but you very seldom hear them sing of the honest working man mouser. His tongue may be both rough and hard, his claws and teeth cause pain, but you find his stealthy heart without a spot or stain. Let us give three cheers with right goodwill for the honest working cat.

Busch Beer Tomcat Beer - The sound of Refreshment 

Whiskey begins his day around 5 a.m. Before the sun rises, he packs a lunchbox of party treats, Tumblers, Temptations, Kittles and Greenies and heads back to bed and lies in wait for the first sun spot to creep into view. With undaunted courage he subjects his body to the rigors of a living, sleeping, solar panel, absorbing all that the unflinching fire ball in the sky hurls at him. 

At the end of the day, exhausted and drained, he puts his life on the line again, darting in front of rapidly moving human feet in an effort to teach them the value of stopping, or tripping, to smell that spot on the carpet — the one that can't be explained by any creature in the house, living or dead. Really smell it --with your mouth open.

When evening begins to cast its shadow across the home, Whiskey is still hard at work voicing his struggles as a species in a world where food rests on counters where paws are not allowed, computer keyboards are warm, but can't be sat on, fresh fish swim in tanks with no lids and the word "no" echos between the walls. 

So, raise a glass to the honest working cat.

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