Collection: Greeting Cards -- A Timeless Treasure

Back in the days of yore, people used to send greetings to friends and family giving everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

Each card is created with inks, die cuts and a a variety of techniques. Theme elements of a particular design are the same, but each background is unique.  It even comes with an envelope.

Cards generally start on 110 pound paper and then creative goodies are added to make one hefty (check that postage when sending them out or hand deliver them), unique card that could be framed, hung on the wall, displayed year-round on the mantle or, at the very least, shown to other people as a status symbol. Where it ends up depends on how much the recipient really loves you. There are no "lets get back together" cards so stop while you are ahead. 

Cards are all blank on the inside for you to compose your magic on the page. Many designs are one and done, and won't be made again. 

Each card is stamped on the back with "Created by Cat Noir CC," which means you cared enough to support a woman owned, independent, cat-loving company. If that doesn't make you a cool cat, nothing will, my friend.