Collection: Wearable Art — Dominoes

Sure you could sit down to a game of tiles or you could wear them.  These are made as either necklaces, hat, jacket, backpack or scarf pins or, if you are giving one to your grandma, brooches. Necklaces have a 26-inch stainless steel ball chain and the other variants have a pin-back on the back, of all places. 

Bones are colored with alcohol ink, stamped and or adorned with die cut heavy card stock and then repeatedly coated in a protective varnish. The back is plain old domino. Because dominos come in different sizes, these do to. The larger are 2 x 1 and the smaller are 1.75 x nearly one.

These are durable, but keep in mind that they are jewelry so are not mean to spend a great deal of time in harsh elements or in water.